"Local Radio Day shows power of radio working together"

1:27pm 16th May 2016

By James Cridland

In many radio markets, there appears a lack of working together. Companies fight between themselves, instead of act with one voice about radio’s benefits.

There are lots of benefits in working together. By its nature, radio is made up of many different companies, and any opportunity that radio has to promote itself should be welcomed. In South Africa, the RAB closed in December 2014, robbing the country of a strong voice for radio advertising. In the UK, Global has stopped helping fund the Radio Academy, and the Wireless Group pulled out of RadioCentre and the RAB a while ago. The Australian radio market, as far as I can see so far, consists of three different radio industries who don’t talk to each other.

However, something appears to be changing, at least for smaller stations in the UK. The industry is kickstarting a special Local Radio Day, to be held on May 27th - celebrating all that is good about local radio.

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