Radiocentre: "Supporting Local Radio Day"

3:50pm 20th May 2016

By Siobhan Kenny

Much of what we do at Radiocentre is about celebrating the brilliant work of commercial radio stations up and down the land.

We bang the drum for radio in all sort of ways, whether it’s providing evidence to support our claim for a bigger slice of ad budgets, addressing advertisers directly or showcasing the fantastic output and impact of commercial stations through our in-depth studies and reports.

We have a great story to tell and we should be proud to tell it, particularly as we have mountains of evidence and first class research to back it up.

But the most compelling stories about the power of radio will always come from the radio stations themselves.  That is one of the reasons that we think Local Radio Day being organised by our colleagues at UKRD on 27 May is such a brilliant idea.

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